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Circular CD Holder

A4 Ring Binder

Interscrew Binder

Note book

Detail of interscrew file with spine

Slipcase detail

Detail of File
in Slipcase

Presenter Ring
Mech Detail

Wavy binder cover laser engraved

Hinged Lid
Box Detail

Interscrew file
with slipcase

Document Holder

We are pleased to introduce Promolyte,
a new lightweight Aluminium/Polypropylene sandwich.
Outwardly it has the qualities of Aluminium but its polypropylene core allows it to be creased for easy folding and double creased
to produce an inconspicuous long lasting hinge.

We have a wide range of products now available in Promolyte:
ring binders, folders, boxes, menu holders, slipcases presenters, CD and DVD cases and portfolios - a list limited only by
your imagination.

Along side is a selection of images which shows some of the diverse ways in which you can use Promolyte. Hover over a
picture to see a full higher resolution version of the photo.